Consulting and sales agency services

PG IntAct is a Finnish enterprise offering consulting and sales agency services to B2B-companies.


Safe Transformer Pits

Automatic and environmental-friendly emptying of transformer pits.

Industrial Valves

Valves for oil, chemical and other industries.

Anti-Drone Products

Anti-drone protection for critical facilities and infrastructure


Professional Support For Your International Business

PG-IntAct – 20 Years of international B2B sales and management.

International Business Consulting

PG-IntAct provides long experience and solid know-how of international B2B, that can help your company in new markets

Environmental-friendly Transformer Pit Drainage

The Swedish SIPP-technology is world-leading in environmental-friendly transformer pit surveilliance

The Quality Supplier for Industrial Valves

AVA from Germany is the leading European wholesaler for high quality shut-off valves for the Industry and Energy sector

Anti-Drone Technology

Danish MyDefence provides mobile and stationary protection against drones for both industrial and governmental facilities and critical infrastructure.

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