Anti-Drone products for professional use

MyDefence provides reliable and efficient protection against malicious drones. My Defence Anti-Drone products are state-of-the-art, easy to install, and easlity integrateable into existing system architecture. They can be used to secure industrial facilities, cruising ships, outdoor venues, embassies, airports, bridges and other critical infrastructure. Both handheld solutions and stationary solutions are available.

Handheld solutions

The WINGMAN is a small wearable drone detector. It works as a standalone product, and can optionally interface with other radios for information relay. The WINGMAN has impressive performance and is the smallest UAS detector on the market.

Mobile and stationary

WATCHDOG and WOLFPACK are standalone or linked RF sensors, capable of providing make/model information to the user, by searching for control signals and video feeds to and from the drone. They can be used for both stationary installations such as perimeter protection, or can be mounted on vehicles. WATCHDOG is wall-mounted, and a single unit can cover a 60°angle. WOLFPACK is a top mounted unit that covers a 360° angle. Both sensors detect drones at long ranges and often even before the drone takes off.

Radar detection and tracking

EAGLE classifies the specific radar signature from drones, like fast rotating propellers and provides real-time information on speed, range, direction and more. Radar surveillance is by far the best fit for RF detection of drones, if you are looking for precise target information.

Server solution

The intelligent server solution IRIS, detects and counters commercially available drones, by integrating sensors and deterrents from MyDefence and others. It displays alerts on our graphical user interface and integrates into any system architecture.


MyDefence Communication

MyDefence is a Danish company specialising in protection of military and civilian personnel and facilities.

With former military officers as founders, the company leverages a deep understanding of security operations on the one hand.

On the other hand, through highly skilled RF engineers, MyDefence boasts a deep know-how in advanced radio technologies.

This professional expertise together with a very customer-minded approach, have made this technology-driven company’s products truly cutting edge, revolutionizing robust wireless signalling in mission critical environments.