About Us

PG IntAct is a Finnish enterprise offering consulting and sales agency services to B2B-companies. The company was founded in 2013 by Patrik Gustafsson, and locates in the city of Pargas.

Business Concept

The company’s business concept is based on Patrik’s long experience from different positions in B2B-sales organizations, and a solid international B2B-contact network around the world.

PG IntAct activities cover three areas:

1. Consulting – helping companies enter new markets
We perform market studies, find new business contacts, make customer visits, participate in negotiations etc.

2. Agency/Retailer – representing foreign companies on the Nordic market
PG IntAct represents following foreign companies on the local markets – IndustriArmatur (SE), AVA-Alms (DE) and MyDefence (DK). These companies all work in B2B, and their end customers are mainly in the Energy sector and/or government bodies.

3. Business Matchmaking – finding Nordic suppliers for foreign customers

Other services:

Interpreting and translation services (swedish, finnish, english, german and russian) can also be provided.

Patrik Gustafsson

The founder of PG-IntAct, Patrik Gustafsson, has over 20 years of experience from different positions in B2B-sales organizations.